Free 15 minute Goals/Services Consult

(duration: 15 minutes)


In this consult we will briefly talk about your goals and what I offer as an FNTP to make sure moving forward will be a good match. If we decide to proceed, I'll get your contact info so that I can send you 3 questionnaires that you will fill out before our first consult.


By phone or email

#1 Consult

(duration: 90 minutes)


$100 - In this visit we will review your completed Initial Interview questionnaire, the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, and 3-4 days of your completed Food and Mood Journal. We will extensively go over your history and talk about what actions/changes you are willing to make moving forwards. After the appointment you will receive a detailed email of recommendations and action steps. If supplements are part of your plan, you will receive a welcome email to Fullscript, a reliable, high quality supplement platform where you can see your personalized recommendations for supplements. 2-4 support emails/texts are welcome between consults.


Coffee shop or video chat

Optional: Functional Nutritional Assessment - Lingual-Neuro Test

(duration: 60 minutes)


$85 - The Functional Nutritional Assessment is a series of palpations that uses the body's innate intelligence to assess organs and systems. Using different known points on the torso, hands, feet, and legs, as well as other simple evaluations, we get feed back from the body to understand what foods and supplements might benefit the client the most using the lingual-neuro test. In this part of the assessment, the client will put a food or supplement in his/her mouth. The practitioner re-palpates the point of concern to see if that particular intervention is what the client needs to support the organ or system. The client gives feedback of tenderness on a 0-10 scale. This Assessment needs a private space large enough to set up a massage table.


To be decided.

Follow up

(duration: 30 minutes)


$55 - We will review your progress on protocols. Cover your concerns and questions. Go over new symptoms or changes you're experiencing and discuss an updated protocol.


Coffee shop or video chat.

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