12.1.20 Your Answers - Top Three Health Tips

Thank you all for your feedback last week! It was so fun to hear from everyone that responded!

I’m happy to say that nutrition tallied the highest (or were you just humoring me? :-) But I loved the other responses as well.

Connection: this could go a number of ways. Connection to people, meaningful relationships. Connection to nature. Connection to self, what is going on inside mentally and physically, being in tune with your body. Connection to a purpose, a why, a mission.

Drinking water: Thank you thank you! Approximately ½ your body weight in ounces of clean water and replace electrolytes.

Some said sleep, some said rest. I put them together, but they could also stand alone.

Sleep: 7-9 hours every night.

Rest: having peace and space in your day. I know I’m guilty of going too hard too long. This revs up the adrenals, throws blood sugar and hormones off. Building space in one’s schedule is important mentally and physically.

Nourishment: I put that one in with nutrition/food, but nourishment can cover lots of things as well. Self care, rest, sleep, time in nature, time with friends… Beyond our physical bodies, we must nourish our minds and souls.

Someone else specified ‘foods that my body does well with’. This goes back to bio-individuality. Yes, whole foods and quality foods (as mentioned by several) are the foundation and from there we must remember to personalize. A superfood or the newest health fad might not be what we do best on!

Thank you for your responses! There’s so much to learn from each other.

Come back next week for some tips on conquering dry skin from the inside out!