2.16.21 Behind the Scene

Sorry I skipped out on you last week! The truth of the matter is I have been distracted and also nutritionally dry. But last week I observed myself going through an experience and thought I’d share those observations with you. This is probably more for those of you that are practicing nutrition like me, or other consultation services. I hope these thoughts bring value and inspiration to you!

Two weeks ago a patient at @watsonwellness booked a nutrition consult with me. She filled out all the questionnaires for me and even did a 4 day Food and Mood Journal. As I read through her initial interview and NAQ I became overwhelmed. So often there is just so much to work on, some of it out of my scope, a lot of it out of my experience. I start to question how much I can help a person. But I went back to my #NTA training. What is the foundation? What are the pillars of health? How can we impact those positively to impact the bigger, consequence things like cardiovascular, thyroid, and endocrine?

Then I start to get excited! The simple changes such as getting enough water and electrolytes, eating better timed meals, eating more real food… These can help a person so much! I saw that I could talk about the importance of good fats. I saw that we could talk about the importance of the gallbladder. I became inspired and confident…

The consult day finally came and I sat down with my client. The hour flew by. There was a wonderful mix of my client saying, “I know this is the way I need to eat, I know this is what I need to do.” And also, “I didn’t know that. That makes so much sense.” I love these statements because we can encourage people that they already know so much! And also so rewarding to expand their knowledge so that they can make better choices for themselves. I love telling my clients that they deserve real food. I love going through the digestion process or blood sugar regulation and seeing understanding light their eyes as they understand why they might be experiencing a symptom.

No, I can’t fix all of someone’s health issues. But when they walk out the door excited about the things that they can do to reach closer and closer to their goals, I know we are well on our way to success!