1.2.20 What's Your "Why?"

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

Here it is, Day 2 of 2020. You've read the articles on 10 Healthy Habits, 20 Challenges for 2020, Why NY Resolutions don't work and 3 ways to succeed... Everyone it writing and talking and texting and vlogging and posting about resolutions, goals, challenges, why this fails so do this and don't do that... You have enough wonderful information in your head about all that!

Instead, today I am going encourage you to either find or recommit to your 'why'. Whatever your New Year's Resolutions are, WHY? Or whenever you want to make a change in life, WHY? Why do you want to stop smoking? Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to eat better? Why do you want to sleep better? Why do you want to exercise more? Make it complicated. Make is simple. But for sure make it personal, or as we'd say at the Nutritional Therapy Association, make it 'bio-individual'!

Here's my thought process on one of my New Year's Resolutions: Regulate my blood sugar. Why? To sleep better. Why? To have more stable energy and mood during the day. Why? Because when I don't have good energy and mood during the day I'm anxious and can't think straight. And why do I want to not be anxious and to think more clearly? So that I can show up for the people I love and come in contact with.

But maybe my friend wants to regulate her blood sugar (same resolution) so that she can do intermittent fasting for the purpose of losing weight so that she can reduce her back pain so that she can exercise so that she can lower her blood pressure. A different set of 'whys'!

So write down your top resolution and then write down a string of your 'why'. And when you want to quit, go back and read them, or write them down again. This is your 'why bouquet,' stop and sniff it often!

Cheers to 2020! Happy New Year - Margaret

Accidental Creamy Green Soup

1 onion

1 T minced garlic

1 1/2 T olive or coconut oil or butter

2-3 cups bok choy

1 - 2 cups broccoli

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

2-3 cups bone stock or broth

1/2 can of coconut milk full fat

Heat olive oil and saute onion and garlic until soft. Wash and roughly chop bok choy and broccoli and add to pot. Saute a few minutes more with salt and pepper, then add stock/broth. Cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes until broccoli is soft. Cool well before blending if your blender seals. If your blender is vented, or you use an immersion blender, go ahead and blend.

Options: use asparagus instead of bok choy. Add a potato. Add parsley or basil or thyme or rosemary...

The story on how this was created: I was given some green veggies that needed to be used soon. Secondly, My husband was making dinner one night (hearts in eyes emoji) and use a partial head of broccoli so I had an odd amount left. Also, I was house sitting and had I real Vitamix at my finger tips to use. And then we decided a bit last minute to have family over for lunch and I didn't get enough tomato soup for everyone and need more soup, as well as a dairy free option for myself. So that is how this recipe came to be! And it is beyond acceptable! My husband made sourdough grilled cheese with smoked Gouda and roast beef to go with the soups.