2.6.20 February Class Coming Up

It is February and this girl is excited about the class coming to The Wellness Kitchen Tuesday, February 25th about macros! We've all heard of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, but do we know how our bodies use these nutrients? Do we know what sources to avoid and which are better for us? Call TWK to reserve your seat for $10 to learn these things as well as pointers to find the right macro balance for you.

Have you seen the green hills? Have you heard the birds singing? Be sure to get out and enjoy some fresh air! Being in nature gives us space to breath. It connects us to the things that give us physical life; air, water, and the ground that grows our food. I didn't get a picture, but on this hike there was also a pasture of the most beautiful cows I've ever seen! Velvety black and brown, grazing on the intense green pasture, rugged hills to the right and jagged coast with crashing waves on the other side. And the poppies already blooming! Yes, we must get out and touch and feel God's awesome creation and remember that we too are of His creation.