1.12.21 Supporting Supplements for Detoxing

Last week we went over 6 tips for successful detoxing! This week let’s talk about some simple, targeted supplementation to support the main organs and systems involved in detoxing.

  1. Digestion. This north to south process needs to be functioning well in order to eliminate toxins, including harmful bacteria, that it may be harboring. Try:

-Digestive enzymes (i.e. bromelain and papain)

-Betaine HCI OR Apple Cider vinegar

-Fiber or anything on #4 last week that helps you have regular bowel movements

  1. Liver. The liver is a hard working organ keeping us safe 24/7. Give it some love! Find a supplement or tea blend with a few of the following:

-Milk thistle

-Beet concentrate

-Dandelion root

-Red clover

-Burdock root

-Indian Barberry



-Artichoke leaf

  1. Kidneys. These are also filtering your blood and eliminating wastes. Besides drinking plenty of water, find a supplement, herbal tea, or make a juice blend with a few of the following:

-Marshmallow root

-Ginger root




-Beet juice

-Lemon juice

-Cranberry juice

These herbs and supplements can really give these hardworking organs some TLC. Remember, you don’t have to blast them with these things in order to get a good detox. Slow and gentle!

Disclaimer: Not all of these may be right for you! Please check with your healthcare provider before taking any of these, especially if you’re taking medications or have underlying conditions. These are generally considered safe, especially in the gentle amounts that you may take during a 1-4 week detox, BUT some people have reactions to different plant families (ragweed anyone?) so be sure to do your own research and consult with your doctor before trying herbal suggestions!

Come back next week for a discussion on mental detoxing!