3.16.21 Building Gut Resilience

If you get a splinter in your finger what do you do? I get the tweezers, or maybe a clean needle, and try to get it out. Then I put tea tree oil and calendula on it to draw out any infection and sooth it, and then put a bandaid on it to protect it from getting bumped or dirty.

Basically this is what we’ve been talking about with our gut. If we have inflammation and suspect a food sensitivity, we can take that food away. Now the irritant is gone but unless we promote and actively work on bringing balance and nutrients back to the gut, it may take a long time for it to heal on its own. The idea is to follow a plan to get those foods back into your diet so that you can benefit from a wide variety of food. In nourishing our bodies this way, we work towards resilience. And we all want to have stronger health, right?!

We’ve talked about how to take a food out of your diet and we’ve talked about how to get balanced nutrients while avoiding a food or food group. Today we will touch on nourishing our gut to bring balance as quickly as possible.

My first pick is probiotics. There’s so much research coming out showing the importance of certain strains of probiotics and how their diversity hugely impacts ALL aspects of our health. My favorite brand right now is Microbiome Labs’s MegaSporeBiotic. I love their ‘heal and seal’ gut protocol using a prebiotic and then a mucosa promoting product as well.

A very accessible option to add to your day routine is bone broth. Make your own, buy it at a local farmer’s market, or even buy a high quality powder form online. Benefits include gelatin, easily absorbed vitamins and minerals, and amino acids.

You will find L glutamine as a supplement and often in ‘gut healing’ blends. This is helpful for building that essential mucosal barrier in our intestines.

A common adaptogenic herb you will find either by itself or in a blend, is licorice root. You can also find it as a tea. It is also helpful with building that mucosal barrier.

If you try any of these options and don’t feel like you do well with it, stop and get more help! There may be deeper issues to uncover and work through! Just because these work well for most people, doesn’t mean everyone has success with any or all of these options.

These suggestions and opinions are not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare provider before implementing changes in your diet, supplements, or lifestyle.