January - Un-dieting for Your Health

The New Year is a great time to start learning simple tips and tricks to optimize you and your family's health one sustainable, practical choice at a time. Start with Margaret on a journey towards optimal health with a whole new mindset of nourishment and abundance rather than restriction and avoidance.

-the crowd out, eat the rainbow

-basic substitutions, whole foods

-make a plan, meal prep, pantry clean-out

-percentage commitment

February - Macro-Nutrients

We’ve all heard of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. But do we know how our bodies respond to these macro-nutrients? Do we know how to balance them for great energy all day long? Where can you find foods with healthy fats? Come to Margaret’s class at The Wellness Kitchen Tuesday, February 25th, to hear more on this as well as tips to find the ratio that’s right for you.

-protein, carbohydrates, fat and how our bodies use them as fuel

-percentages in ancient diets, average 30-30-40

-FatSecret, MyFitnessPal, Cronometer to track macros

-experiment to find what fuels you best

-optimal sources of each macro

March - Blood Sugar Dysregulation

Do you experience irritability before meals, mood swings, weight gain around your waist, cravings, or poor concentration? How about brain fog, excessive sweating, anxiety, trouble losing weight, or insomnia? Some of these symptoms describe the 1 in 3 Americans who are pre-diabetic, 80% of which are un-diagnosed. Or maybe you are 1 of the 34 million Americans who are already diabetic. This is an epidemic. What are we going to do about this? I’m here to help you learn how to regulate your blood sugar. We’ll start by learning what is going on in our bodies when we eat certain foods and then explore what foods will help us stabilize our blood sugar.

-symptoms of blood sugar dysregulation

-mechanism of insulin resistance/organs involved

-diseases blood sugar dysregulation leads to (not just diabetes)

-foods, macros/metabolic flexibility, micro-nutrients, herbs, lifestyle/movement to balance

April - The Good Carb

Are carbohydrates good or bad? What are carbohydrates and where are they found? Carbs get a lot of bad press but are they truly that bad? Come to Margaret’s class at The Wellness Kitchen to learn why we need carbs, where to find good sources, and which ones to avoid. You will leave with knowledge as power to make good choices to better fuel your individual needs.

-types of carbohydrates and how the body uses it

-carb sources to avoid

-good carb sources

-finding your balance

May - To Protein or Not to Protein

In a world where there are plant-based hamburgers and substitute meats, the question is pertinent; do we need animal meat? Vegan and vegetarians are opening our eyes to problems that affect our whole earth. Have they found the solution? Come to Margaret’s class at The Wellness Kitchen to learn about protein, why we need it, good sources, and sources to avoid. We’ll explore together how you can find optimal nutrient density while still being respectful to animals and helping nature stay in balance.

-what is protein

-essential amino acids and co-factors of assimilation

-good sources of protein

-source of protein to avoid

-finding your balance

June - The Number 1 Nutrient - WATER

What is the easiest, most accessible way to improve your health? Water. Drink water. Most of us neglect this simple, essential nutrient. With 60% of our body composition being water, we can greatly improve our function by simply getting adequate water. Come to Margaret’s class at The Wellness Kitchen to learn about water’s impact on our bodies, filtration systems, and optimal times to hydrate.

-why we need water

-filtration systems and electrolyte balance

-finding your balance

July - Micro nutrients

Do you know what micronutrients are? They are the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function. While they are very little of our bodies’ total composition, they are essential for life. Most micronutrients must come from our diet, which makes them ‘essential’. In other words our bodies don’t make them, or enough of them, to provide good function. Come to Margaret’s class at The Wellness Kitchen to learn some of the important roles vitamins and minerals have in basic body functions, good food sources, and preparation techniques to get the most benefit.

August - Kids' School Snacks and Lunches

Back to School time! Have you realized that many traditional school foods promote blood sugar crashes (behavior issues), short attention spans, and less than optimal brain function? That is not what you want for your little learner! Come to The Wellness Kitchen to hear Margaret talk about simple, nutrient dense lunches and snacks to sharpen little brains, stabilize moods, and help them be the A+ child they really are! We’ll also talk about practical ways to get your kid involved in learning to make good choices to help themselves. Their education now to eating healthy is key to their ability to avoid the chronic health issues of today’s America.

(Possible guest speaker.)