10.27.20 Your Turn!

Thank you for joining me on the north to south journey learning about the digestion process. I’d love to hear something you found interesting or learned the last few weeks !

Life is a journey and as I experience different things in my personal life I find that I learn from things that I wish I didn’t have to experience! But going through those hard times in life and working through different health complexities, I want to grow from what I learn and find ways to help other people. This has been my story since a young teenager struggling with eczema. The only way I could get through that time was to draw closer to God and trust that someday I would use what I learned to help other people. I’m thankful not only for God’s extra measures of grace and peace at the time but also blessing my journey to find and develop skills to help people overcome health challenges and feel better!

While I wish I could help everyone for free, there are business and continuing education costs! As well as not getting burnt out and making me responsible for providing specific, quality recommendations to each client. So know that I’m here for you if you need in-depth, individualistic nutrition help!

That being said, I want to keep providing practical and interesting info here for free! Please leave a comment or email me with topics or questions you’d be interested to hear more about. I study and research the things I’m interested in and am working though in my health, but I’d love to hear what is effecting you and what you need info on!

Please, drop me a line!