1.5.21 6 Tips for Choosing a Successful Detox Program

Happy New Year!

Matthew and I are on our second day of Biotic’s Research NutriClear Plus cleanse kit so I thought it appropriate to talk about cleansing and detoxing today, and the next 2 weeks!

Here are a 6 things to keep in mind as you choose a detox or cleanse program:

  1. Gentle. We don’t have to blast our system with a crazy radical detox that is going to shock our systems. The idea is to nourish our organs and systems into letting go of toxins and cleaning up. Ideally the majority of our diet isn’t horrible and we’ve chosen an overall lifestyle that is holistic. This is so much better for our bodies than trashing it and then hitting the power clean cycle!

    1. You can even ease into it. One of my coworkers had a caffeine withdrawal migraine when doing this cleanse last year, so this year she is using teas with varying amounts of caffeine to ease off over a few days.

  1. Focus on whole, pesticide free foods. Maybe you’re juicing or using shakes, but including real food that is clean is one of the best things you can do for your body. Completely unprocessed and prepared or cooked simply.

  1. Support lymph. As our organs release toxins, we have to support our bodies in getting rid of them so we don’t RETOX!

    1. Water, water, water! Add lemon, drink herbal, caffeine free teas, coconut water (no added sugar), add electrolytes or a pinch of unrefined salt.

    2. Sweat! Move your body. It doesn’t have to be high intensity or for a long time, but try to sweat a little each day.

    3. Dry brush and hot shower or bath. (Too hot will dry out skin, so just moderately hot!) Add essential oils and/or epsom salts to the bath.

  1. Support digestion. Once again, we have to GET RID of those toxins our body is releasing so we need to make sure we are pooping! (Not diarrhea but nice and regular.) This one is going to be bio-individual as something that makes one person regular may cause constipation or diarrhea for another. Know what works for your body beforehand. Try one of the following, starting with a little and wait a day or two before increasing.

    1. Fiber (natural from what you eat or a capsule or drink mix)

    2. Aloe juice (unsweetened)

    3. Magnesium citrate

    4. Probiotic

    5. Herbal laxative tea

    6. Water

    7. Vitamin C

  1. Get plenty of sleep. This is when our bodies really get deep in cleaning mode!

  1. I think it goes without saying, but avoid alcohol, all sugar and sweeteners, refined salt, all processed foods, processed dairy, caffeine, and gluten.

Come back next week for a few targeted supplement suggestions that support and nourish the organs involved in detoxing and cleansing!