1.19.21 Mental Prep for Detoxing

It is our third week diving into detoxing our bodies in a loving and holistic way! We’ve covered 6 tips for choosing a detox/cleanse program and supplements/herbs for supporting our main detox organs and systems. Today let’s talk about the mental aspect.

I can’t claim expertise in this area, but I feel it is important to bring up and discuss. I think it is important to approach detoxing with a healthy mindset. What are your goals? Why do you feel like you need to detox? What challenges and roadblocks do you expect to come up?

Whatever your goals are, let’s make sure you’re being gentle and non-toxic in this area as well. Are you beating yourself up to lose weight? Are you crash dieting because of junk you’ve been eating? These are real life situations and it is okay to want these things! But let the baseball bat go and pick up a journal, a meditation app, yoga, a walk in the woods or on the beach, pet your dog or cat, work in your garden, take a bath, get a massage... just breathe! Let go of toxic thoughts, detox your mind and soul.

When preparing for a detox, you want to make sure you have the right food available, time to prepare it, etc. But also schedule time on your calendar to have space to do some of the above activities, or IN-activities! Time to think, time to pray, time to read, time to move your body, time to sleep, time to pause. Maybe take a social media break. Maybe do 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. Maybe do a Bible study. Maybe take a daily walk by yourself. Plan ahead of time and say no where need be. Give yourself permission to slow down and just be.

Anybody that knows me, knows I say these things because this is my struggle! I hope you can take something from this for yourself and have a successful detox not just for your physical body, but for all aspects of our beings!