3.12.20 Immune Boosters and New Recipe

The Practical Stuff...

It is what everyone is talking about and so I will, too!

Not because you need to be afraid or freak out, but because it is one more place to get the word about about some simple, effective ways to strengthen our body's natural ability to protect itself. Besides, some targeted immune boosting won't hurt any of us! I've come up with a brief immune protocol that you can use to strengthen your defenses against COVID-19 and all the other bugs that are still plenty busy! They are based on recommendations from Biotics Research, Dr. Mercola, Fullscript, the NTA, and other health communities I'm a part of. Implement all or some of these.

-Vitamin C 75 mg - 2 grams/daily (start slow and increase as it may cause digestion discomfort, time release or buffered will help, too.)

-Vitamin D3 5,000-10,000 IU/day (if you start to feel something coming on, you can take 50,000 IUs for 3 days, then lower to normal dose. If you are in the sun a lot, you don't have to keep taking Vit. D3, or reduce to 2,000 IU)

-Zinc 25 mg/daily (if you feeling like something is coming on, you can take 3 throughout the day). With zinc you can do a little test to know if you need it. Let it sit on your tongue for a few seconds. If it tastes strongly like metal or really furry, you probably don't need it. If you don't really taste much or it tastes sweet, then you probably need it. Look for one that is more pure and doesn't have a bunch of fillers/sweeteners.

-Probiotic from a good company that delivers live cultures, or foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, low sugar yogurt, kefir, kombucha... etc. Also be sure to eat plenty of real, whole foods (cooked and raw) to provide PRE-biotics. Processed and high sugar foods and non-organic veggies and fruit are all going to destroy good bacteria.

Non supplement suggestions:

-Wash your hands. Everyone is saying it and while I believe that this is good, it is also necessary to remember that some bacteria is not a bad thing! If you've had your hands in the soil planting a garden, don't wash your hands! If you've been grocery shopping, yeah maybe go ahead! My personal view is that over using sanitizer and antibacterial soaps are only going to shoot us in the foot. Find your balance and be sure to use a good, natural lotion to heal any dry skin. (Shout out to Bend Oregon Soap Company for their goat milk lotion!)

-Make some elderberry syrup!

-Drink bone broth daily

-Get good sleep and plenty of fresh air and moderate exercise

-Get an immune boosting tea to drink daily

-Avoid excessive alcohol and sugar

-Drink plenty of water (about 1/2 your body weight in ounces)

-Use essential oils (contact me for more info)

And finally, don't be subjected to a mindset of fear, but trust your body's natural defense system that even if you do get sick, you are taking care of yourself and are resilient!

Now for the fun stuff! My friend and coworker sent me this recipe and I finally tried it. It was a hit with my husband just as much as it was with me!

You'll find this nutrient and flavor dense dish at Taylor's website, just follow the link below: