My name is Margaret

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Welcome to Windsong Holistic Nutrition where your health journey meets mine!

My name is Margaret Pauls, certified in 2019 as a “Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.” I’ve known since I was a teenager the impact nutrition has on health. After some frustrating years of trial and error, I finally was given bio-individual dietary and supplement recommendations that helped me learn how to control my recurring rash and digestion issues. I knew then that I would help people learn the power of nutrition to find their optimal health! But just as I was finding vibrant health in my home country of Newfoundland, Canada, I got married and moved across the continent to the central coast of California! A health setback in the new environment only renewed my desire and commitment to change people’s lives through the food we eat and how we digest it. With the support of my IT nerd and trail runner husband, Matthew, I completed the Nutritional Therapy Association’s 9 month science-based, ancestral wisdom focused FNTP course. With the skills I’ve learned, I hope to guide you in your journey to find balance through optimizing your nutrition and digestion in order to discover your healthiest potential!

The NTA is a private vocational school in Washington, founded in 1997 by Grey and Joy Graham. Their Nutritional Therapy program qualifies graduates to sit for the National Association of Nutritional Professionals board exam. We are not registered dieticians or licensed nutritionists and do not diagnose or treat disease. We do not take the place of your doctor or health care professional but prefer to work in tandem with them for your benefit. Our training prepares us to educate people to build a foundation of wellness with properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole foods. Then we build on that with the 5 pillars of health, Digestion, Blood sugar balance, Fatty acid balance, Minerals, and Hydration. The result of bringing these areas into focus and optimizing these processes in the body, addresses many underlying health concerns. The NTA always emphasizes bio-individuality. We take into account what has brought the person to this place and what their unique needs are. A huge part of the NTP course is learning the Functional Clinical Assessment.

The Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA) is a series of palpations that uses the body's innate intelligence to assess organs and systems. Using different known points on the torso, hands, feet, and legs, as well as other simple evaluations, we get feedback from the body to understand what foods and supplements might benefit the client the most. This concept is the lingual-neuro test. In this part of the assessment, the client will put a food or supplement in his/her mouth. The practitioner re-palpates the point of concern to see if that particular intervention is what the client needs to support the organ or system. The client gives feedback of tenderness on a 0-10 scale. Once we find something that brings the hot points down, we know what that particular individual needs to best support that organ or system.